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Ok I know I currently am an AV owner but ..... I love our Titan.

The AV fan club site is amazing, lots of great info, it would be great if we could get Titan Talk to the same level of support that the AV site has for its fans and Owners.

Its just a suggestion..

Also replies would be great for this thread, I know this board is dead but come on people.

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I agree. The best way to make this discussion group grow is to keep posting. I'm sure it will pick up as soon as more Titans leave dealerships and the keys handed to their happy new owners.
I think that's the biggest thing. There just aren't enough Titans out there yet! Most of us hard core Titan lovers just haven't bought one yet. Either that, or those that have are to busy playing with their new trucks!
I know for me, I won't be getting one for at LEAST 6 more months... (but my wife HAS promised!!!)
I think it's just a matter of time!
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