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Sunroof auto won't work

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My sunroof on my 2006 just all of a sudden stopped working with the one push auto open an close. I have to continually hit the buttons to open and close it. Any idea how to fix this?
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Mine has actually done that twice now. No idea what caused it, but turning off the truck and restarting it fixed the problem both times for me.
Mine has done that once too and it fixed itself.
I am not near my truck right now, but there is a sunroof reset procedure in the owners manual.
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And what does this have to do with the sunroof again??"idhitit2:
Just fixed my sunroof on my 2005 Titan. It was starting and stopping when pushing either button. I needed to take the compartment apart that houses the buttons on the ceiling if the truck. Come to find out that a bolt came loose over the years that holds the mini motor that operates the sunroof. I put the bolt back in place, tightened the rest of bolts and screws. Needed to follow the instructions in the owners manual on how to reset, which was easy, and now it works good as new. Saved myself a couple hundred dollars from the dealership vultures that would have been glad to charge me for a very simple fix. Hope this helps.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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