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Thank you to those Superchips owners patiently waiting for us to offer Win 7 support.

At this point we are still working on the script to link these directly to our web page so use the following direct links to use Win 7 32 or 64 bit OS to update a Superchips tuner.

Click this link for Windows 32 bit / x86 versions of windows:
(All 32-bit OS’s from Windows 2000 – 7)

Click this link for Windows 64 bit / x64 versions of windows:
(All 64-bit OS’s from Windows XP – 7)

Select run. When the software installs, select the check box run app & click finish. If you miss this step then double click the Superchips EZ Update icon on your PC desktop. When the login window appears, click register.

After you register, you will need to open your email and validate your newly created update account.

Note: When creating a password, it needs to be at least 7 characters in length and one of the characters needs to be a symbol. ie: $ - % - & - * - ? – etc.

When registered enter the user name & password, click login. When the window appears with devices, check at the bottom for successful connection, 0 devices connected, when you see this, connect the tuner to your PC. If the tuner is already connected and it does not change to 1 device connected after about 20 seconds, unplug the tuner for 5 seconds and then reconnect it to the PC usb port. The tuner part number & serial number will appear and the tuner will update automatically. When finished, additional packages will be displayed. This is optional, select one if you wish.

The tuner will display usb port open when updating. If the tuner does not display usb port open after 20 seconds, unplug and reconnect. If the tuner displays bootloader or the update app displays something about bootloader, leave the tuner connected for at least 20 minutes even though it does not appear to be doing anything.

Once we have the script done for the web page these links will not work any further but you will be able to access the options direct from our site at that point.

Any questions let me know.

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