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Suspension Max 2.5" Leveling Kit

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I was wondering if anyone else had used this kit before i looks nice and is the billet spacer style. i recently put one on my 2008 titan and i think that it took the front of my truck up to high and is making my front tires lean out at the top and slightly toe inward.The truck might be sitting normal for a leveling kit just noone around here has did one with just the leveling kit yet.I just dont want to wear my tires funny and not be able to get it lined up,taking it tomorrow to have it checked.
One more question i have is to anyone that has did the spacer lifts before.Did you have to turn your strut around backwards to make the wholes line up agin, i had to turn mine a complete 180 to get the holes lined up.

Thanks for any info
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Struts turn 180*... It's normal with most kits.

How thick is the actual spacer itself? The stillen kit I got was 2.5" thick and ended up being a 3.5" lift. Not the 2.5" advertized. My truck could not be aligned afterwards and the UCA was riding on the coil bucket.
They probably assumed (like stillin) that a 2.5" thick spacer will yield a 2.5" lift.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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