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Suspension Upgrades

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Alright - I've got to bite the bullet and get the crappy *** shocks upgraded on my 08 CC. My truck is 60/40, city/off road. These are going to float the stock rims and tires. I don't need anything too off road and I don't want to spend a ton of money. I don't need a lift. I just want quality replacement shocks for the OEM's that are inexpensive to get installed and are road proven by you folks.

So - that's my criteria. What are you running for replacements? How much did you pay for the materials? How much did you pay for installation? Why did you buy the brand/style that you did.

As always, all replies are extremely appreciated.
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spending that much time off road, you're better off spending 900-1000 for a quality set of coilovers such as Radflo, DRs, or SAWs
I'm sorry I think I should have clarified my 'off-road'. When I go off the road it's in the woods, crawling fairly slow through muck. Every once in a while I go over some big bumps and in ruts but nothing that has ever bottomed out even my stock shocks. I mention the need for off road because my truck needs to stay the same level as it is now - no street lowered niceness for this guy.
you still take her off the beaten path more than most, that is still a good reason to buy high quality coilovers.....
So who do you recommend for high quality coilovers? :)
Call Greg at PRG. I think he might be able to set you up with some Bilsteins...
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