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swaping 08s front chrome

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Looking for painted front instead of chrome (need timberline for my 08
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Or looking for some opinions here.

would it look meaner if i took and had all the chrome primered black or coated with a black liner.


if you have this done and have some pics please let me see them
As in the bumper? most people i think sand it and spray paint it.
Just did mine yesterday, not timberline but you get the picture.


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I know im keeping my chrome and painting it myself now.

The question now is to paint it black and clear coat it or go with the bed liner.
Here is a closer pic with the rustoleum bedliner. I took the grill off and sanded the chrome down on everything except the steps (they weren't chrome), used 80 grit and a palm sander. Tape the bumpers off and use newspapers to cover anything you don't want spray on. Clean everything off with paint thinner, spray the primer and let sit until it gets tacky then start spraying bedliner on. When you spray use light coats and spray from about 12 inches away otherwise you will put it on too thick and it will start to run, I used about 4 or 5 coats.


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Preciate it man, damn there are good people on here.
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