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Swaping an 08 axle to an 06 titan

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I am driving a couple hours to a get this axle and I am going to swap axles in a parking lot. I'm trying to find out the differences in the two so I can get them both going in a timely manner. From what I found out so far the only problem I would have would be the brake lines and I should be able to just swap them between axles but the brackets are different. Any one done this (I'm sure a lot of people have)? Is there anything I am missing? Will my calipers bolt on to his axle?
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Courtesy Parts lists different drive shafts for 2004 - 2006 for both 2wd and 4wd so I would check into that.

I don't think they changed the rear brake calipers as r1concepts on ebay lists the same rear caliper for all years.
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Good question about the brake lines! All, if any part will be available from the local Nissan parts dept. or online. Your rear calipers should bolt right up.

Finally people are starting to get the hint that you can swap axles & have TruTrac!

Keep us posted! :)
They are both 4 wheel drive (so the drive shaft should bolt up and not be a problem).

You might want to check on that. lists 2004-2006 4wd drive shaft as different from 2007+ 4wd drive shaft.
Maybe I am reading it wrong but it looks to me like they are the same... It lists a part number of 37320 as the rear drive shaft on the top and bottom. The drawing numbers are different and only thing I can see that is different is that the newer drawing is lacking part numbers for parts that are on the drawing (shows parts with no numbers for them). Am I missing something terribly obvious??
im wanting to do the same so keep us posted on the final outcome it would be appreciate!
They might bolt up, I dunno, but they have different part listings for the rear drive shaft, I dunno what is different.

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Wednesday 22 June, 2011
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I see.... Sorry I was taking the 37320 as the part number... I'm dumb. From a quick search it looks like the current part number for the drive shafts made for Titans from 08/2006 are the same all the way through 03/2010. There is a different shaft made for the 10/2004 - 08/2008. Four wheel models that is. I don't have my Titan here to verify the year (it's at Nissan) but it should be made in 05 seeing as how it is a 06. I guess I will have to learn the hard way and just try it... I can also get his drive shaft if they are different, and hopefully it will mate to the tranny... Thanks for all the advice.
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Sweeeeeet....moderators can edit other people's comments?? (comment #4) thats b!tchin
how else would they monitor :p but back on subject, all this is awesome information guys helps out us newbies who need tru trac!
I am a 2WD 06 Titan. Nissan swapped my 06 Axle out and installed an 08 Axle without any other parts that I am aware of. The only extra stuff, was to transfer my Stillen Sway Bar Mounts. They transferred the Brake Calipers iirc; I think I ended up with new Rotors, but am not sure on that. It has been trouble free.
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That wont matter, the yoke doesn't come off to swap diffs.
So the different yokes have the same bolt patterns where they bolt to the drive shaft?
I bent an axle shaft way back & i replaced it with one off an '06. I think they changed axles in '08? The newer axles has more splines than the older ones. Not sure about 4x4...but i guess that won't matter f you swap the whole unit.
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