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Swapping from 2.94 to 3.73 gears (4WD)

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So I've read quite a bit on this today. Going to be going with a 6" PC lift soon. Will probably run the Toyo Open Country A/T II's in 35x12.50R20 (34.5"). I'm currently running those same tire in a 305/55R20 (33.2") flavor.

I am a 4wd and have the wimpy 2.94 gears. (I learned my lesson that the Big Tow package would have been worth the extra money at the time.) With going to 35's I have read everyone recommends going to 3.73 gears (for the most part).

I've been nosing around and want to know if these two things are what I need for the swap, and what else I will need to do for a successful swap? Thanks.

Drive Train - Ring & Pinion Sets - 3.73 Ring & Pinion - Titan
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better rpms/ gas?

I went 4.11s because of a deal i stumbled upon that i couldn't pass up, and am super happy i didnt go with 3.73s, its well worth it IMO.

What you posted is correct, other than you will need master install kits for both front and rear. also the front and the rear gears require a specific pinion flange, so make sure you have them on your truck already, and if not you will need to purchase them as well.
sounds like I need to swap for 373 or 410. Other than the occasional trailer load to the dump or hauling one of the other toys around seems could benefit the mpg. no cruise option to worry about with my S package lol.
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