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Swapping from 2.94 to 3.73 gears (4WD)

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So I've read quite a bit on this today. Going to be going with a 6" PC lift soon. Will probably run the Toyo Open Country A/T II's in 35x12.50R20 (34.5"). I'm currently running those same tire in a 305/55R20 (33.2") flavor.

I am a 4wd and have the wimpy 2.94 gears. (I learned my lesson that the Big Tow package would have been worth the extra money at the time.) With going to 35's I have read everyone recommends going to 3.73 gears (for the most part).

I've been nosing around and want to know if these two things are what I need for the swap, and what else I will need to do for a successful swap? Thanks.

Drive Train - Ring & Pinion Sets - 3.73 Ring & Pinion - Titan
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I found this master kit from Rugged Rocks (a little pricey. The saying "you gotta pay to play" really is true. Lol).

Comes with front and rear and the master install kits for both. I'm not sure what flanges I need though. I see 24 spline and 29 spline options for both the front and rear?
Besides the actual install of the parts, does anything need to be done with the computer or anything?
From my reading on here, I was under the impression that the cruise control is only lost on 2WD models when they swap. For some reason the 4WD models are able to keep theirs.
Yes you are correct, the 4wd models retain Cruies control option. The 2wd's do not.

When you purchase the gears, the page will show what pinion is required. I believe the 08+ trucks already have the correct pinion. But again, you can call and confirm over the phone, as they will be more knowledgeable about this sort of thing.

Yeah I may need to call them. I don't see on rugged rock's website where it tells me which one I need. Hopefully you are correct that 08+ already have the correct one. Saves me some money.
From looking again, the 04-06 full package kit does come with new 24 spline front & rear yokes, where the 07-15 kit does not come with the additional splines. So I'm assuming, that 07-15 years have the correct yokes already if you go with the 3.73 gears. But like you, I'm not sure why the 4.10 gears would require the 29 spline yoke. I need to take the time to just call them up.
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