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Sway bar vs, Traction/ladder bars??

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Daily driver, no off road, which way should I go? Want to smooth out the ride, still knowing that I drive a truck and occasionally throw a load of sand, gravel or lumber in it. Thanks for the help.
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At least one forum member said that adding traction bars made the ride rougher. Removing the front sway bar has been reported as smoothing out the ride.
No off-roading and sometimes loading the truck up?....Keep the sway-bar on, you will be happier....
At least one forum member said that adding traction bars made the ride rougher. Removing the front sway bar has been reported as smoothing out the ride.
Think it depends on the traction bar. The ones from PRGproducts don't limit wheel travel like some of the other brands do.
designed to cycle, bind-free, 12" of wheel travel and 14" of articulation due to using a Teflon-lined heim joint for the front pivot and Titan specific geometry. These bars can also prevent rear transmission mounts from breaking on lifted 4wd Titans.
My truck is smoother with the PRG street bars, but I bought them so I wouldn't have to keep buying 4x4 tranny mounts.

Think the OP may have been asking about the aftermarket rear sway bars. Stillen offers or at least had them at one time, and they might be good for a street only Titan.
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I got a Stillen front sway bar and noticed a lot smoother turning and handling with it.
My rear leafs are "free range leafs"....that is they run wild and free....:)

I place some of the rear end movement blame on excessive blocks that many guys run...
My rear leafs were free range leafs, but they were out of control so I had to put them on lock down with PRG traction bars. Pulling the boat was tearing my truck up bad drive shaft vibs under load and axle wrap bad enough to hit my right side bottom out bumper if I ever mashed the gas, truck would just torque over and bang.
I am debating between the Stillen or Hellwig rear sway bar and the PRG Traction Bars. My Titan is 2WD and no offroading planned. Thanks for the advice in advance.
I have the Helwig Rear Sway Bar & i love it! It really keep's the rear end planted on corner's, no body roll at all in the rear. I really want a front sway bar now to keep up with the rear end. It recovers from cornering very well! :eyebrow: Yet, it still feel's like the truck want's to dive to the side in the front, but i need to replace my OEM stut's with HD'S too.

PRG street bar's are definitely on my list too! :)
I know other members have made there own traction bars and I plan to do the same, if you'll have a tractor supply near you'll they have everything you need basically preassembled for like 100 bucks.
Stillen SB
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..and some RAS
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I did the leaf removal and I could crank the RAS down for a softer ride unloaded. OR up a few for heavy loads. Rides is smoother with no side to side sway, bobbin', bindin', tire hoppin' when mashing on it..totally controlled and fluid.

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Perfect one wheel peels..
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..all nice and tidy..
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...leveled out with Bilsteins HD's all around..
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