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At least one forum member said that adding traction bars made the ride rougher. Removing the front sway bar has been reported as smoothing out the ride.
Think it depends on the traction bar. The ones from PRGproducts don't limit wheel travel like some of the other brands do.
designed to cycle, bind-free, 12" of wheel travel and 14" of articulation due to using a Teflon-lined heim joint for the front pivot and Titan specific geometry. These bars can also prevent rear transmission mounts from breaking on lifted 4wd Titans.
My truck is smoother with the PRG street bars, but I bought them so I wouldn't have to keep buying 4x4 tranny mounts.

Think the OP may have been asking about the aftermarket rear sway bars. Stillen offers or at least had them at one time, and they might be good for a street only Titan.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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