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Sway Bars

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Are they worth it for our trucks? I do not know a lot about the suspension stuff yet and figured i would ask here. Do the trucks already some with them? Are there any brands you recommend? Are they a direct bolt on or do you have to drill the frame?
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Front sway bar is OEM. No OEM rear sway bar. Aftermarket sway bars are available from Stillen and Hellwig. Search on those terms and you'll find good reviews.
Yes, but the question was, Are they worth it?

I like you wonder about the rear sway. If you do much off road is it good to have one, or do you just use the rear sway for the flat top?

Just wondering myself... Anyone care to school me?

All I know is that I really wish there was either a set of quick disconnects or an electronic disconnect available for the front sway bar. I recognize that a sway bar is a safety item that keeps the vehicle from having a lot of body roll. But off road it just gets in the way. If my truck was never going to see a Forest Service road again I would put the rear sway bar on.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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