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Sweet New Toy....Towed it home....9K + lbs

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Look what I borrowed from my uncles farm. The sticker on the loader says it weights 9,000 lbs and I think the trailer is about another 1,500.

Oh yea, NO BIG TOW. Just the hitch package from nissan. It towed just fine. Took the back roads. Only went about 25 miles and didn't exceed 45 mph. But, the truck is a beast. I LOVE IT. If my titan was a woman, I'd do her. LMAO

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Truck looks too good for 9000lbs..... Here is the weight of the new ones. Mabey you can match up numbers. I think the 9000 is with a full load in the bucket
oh man skid stear wheelies rock!

i have to admit that's the blinginest truck i've ever seen pull a bobcat haha
SWEET!!! I finally blew out my axles seals. Both at once.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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