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swinging key fob

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How do you guys keep your key fob from swinging and hitting the dash while you drive? It rattles against the dash from time to time; usually when I brake, travel over uneven terrain, turn, etc? My only minor annoyance.

I have tried using different sized key rings, but no luck.
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I cut a "custom" piece of felt w/sticky tack on the back and put that below the ignition switch. Doesn't stop the swinging, but keeps it quiet.
i usualy just grab my keys when i see a bump coming up in the road, and when going down my driveway so i don't have to hear the keys and key fob hitting the dash. i was thinking about putting the titan key on its own ring and taking it off when i drive it and put the rest of my keys in my pocket.

i have one of these to hold my keys, it not exactly like this one but it gets my point across. mine is all silver and steel and has a different shape to it.


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Ditto on the fob jackets, I love mine. You can get them at some "stealerships", if you want it right away, or you can order it from the website cheaper.

If you're going off road, I would suggest using your spare key alone - with nothing attached to it.
Nissan Mike said:
Cool, never seen those, thanks for the suggestion.
It used to drive me crazy!
I took the key off the fob and put it on a stand alone rubbery fob and just carry the remote fob in my other noise!
Here is a previous thread on the subject.
I got a valet key ring. That way only the key is in the ignition. I got mine from the nissan store. But I'm sure you can find a cheaper generic one at any retail store.
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