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swirl marks

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hey guys..ive noticed lots of swirlmarks on my smoke color titan. I recently clayed/ polished/waxed it and it really shines...but i still see swirl marks and scratches. how do i get those out?...i dont own any fancy it better to take it to a detailer to get them out? if much would i be looking to spend for a good exterior detail. thanks
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I was going to say that you need a high speed buffer/polisher with a 3M foam pad to get out the swirl marks, thats what the pros use.
I'm interested in the "cheap paint" theory. I take good care of my vehicles and know how to hand wax a vehicle without inducing swirls. My wife's 2000 black Honda Accord can attest to that. So by this time next year I'll have some sort of report on how the 2008 paint jobs hold.
all manufactures paint these days are thin and crappy.
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