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Hey guys!

So I picked up some of the Spyder Auto headlights and didn't want to wire up the HALO's (because I personally feel those should only be on BMW's), or the 4 lame little LED's that these headlights come with (because they are weak as ****). Instead, I opted to go with switchback LED's. They light up at 6000k "cool white" when the truck is on, and when I turn the blinker on, it switches to amber. Needed a couple resistors to prevent the hyper flash. All in all, took about 20min to install! Don't have any pics of install because i'm an idiot, but if you plan to do this, and want advice on wiring, just PM me! It was my first time doing automotive wiring, and even I found it to be easy.

I don't have enough posts to post the direct link, so here is my "cryptic" link:
www . youtube . com/watch?v=qxKe3DNCzus&
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