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System Installed with Tech12 Box

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Ive been lazy for about a month and have been meaning to post the pics of my install I had done about a month or two ago. It sounds great! Tech thanks for the kicks ***, Ive sent everybody Ive known over your way for anything. Ths system isnt any thing special compared to some people, but it does enough for me.:cheers: ..2 Infinity 12's, Pioneer 5900IB, Infinity 4 way amp, and Hifonics 1600 Mono

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And Just for good measure, here a a few pics of my truck on the beach when I was in Galveston last week..Oh and tech the box fits great under my seats, I know I dont have any very good pics of it, but its works perfect..:cheers: Land vehicle Vehicle Car Tire Motor vehicle

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Sweet bro and thanks for the support.A system is all about what you want. And it seems you got exactly what you wanted and thats more than most accomplish.
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