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System Upgrade under way

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I have started the upgrade phase, Here is my plan, if you guys see anything that you think could/should be changed let me know.

Already installed

HU- Kenwood DNX892 with all of the goodies.
Amp 1- Kicker KX800.5
Front & Rear Door speakers - 2 sets Hertz HSK165.4 components

Sounds pretty damn good so far even without subs

Not installed yet
2 Hertz HX250 D 10" Subs. Waiting to finalize deal on Tech 12 volts forward firing box

I am thinking of purchasing another kx800.5 I really like the size of this thing and bridging both for the door speakers and then each sub could get 400 rms ea. I would then look for some sort of DSP any thoughts on brand for this project?
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Thanks for reply, I have seen that the Kenwood has the option or you can bypass. wasn't sure of the quality or if a different one would be a better option. Thank You for the help
Got the tech12 box ordered today. Should see it in a couple weeks. LS you have a nice build going on.
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I was looking at focals as well and morels but ended up getting a great deal on the hertz and so far I am very happy with them we will see how the subs perform
Hertz subs showed up today, very well made pieces. Hope to have tech12 box late next week
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Tech 12volt box showed up loaded the subs up. Currently only using one of them off of my 5th channel 400rms and I must say WOW!! I probably only needed one but have 2 so I think I will go ahead and get another 5 channel.
I try and get some pics up tomorrow the rear seats areout right now, wasnt planning on putting them back in until i put some katzkin covers on
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