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System Upgrade under way

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I have started the upgrade phase, Here is my plan, if you guys see anything that you think could/should be changed let me know.

Already installed

HU- Kenwood DNX892 with all of the goodies.
Amp 1- Kicker KX800.5
Front & Rear Door speakers - 2 sets Hertz HSK165.4 components

Sounds pretty damn good so far even without subs

Not installed yet
2 Hertz HX250 D 10" Subs. Waiting to finalize deal on Tech 12 volts forward firing box

I am thinking of purchasing another kx800.5 I really like the size of this thing and bridging both for the door speakers and then each sub could get 400 rms ea. I would then look for some sort of DSP any thoughts on brand for this project?
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without checking specs your Kenwood DNX892 doesn't give you those capabilities for DSP? i would totally run a separate amp for your sub duties.

edit: just Googled it...looks like it does have DSP so you should be fine. just set your crossover points and your gains on your amps and leave the rest for the DSP on the Kenwood.
Thanks for reply, I have seen that the Kenwood has the option or you can bypass. wasn't sure of the quality or if a different one would be a better option. Thank You for the help
i tried both ways but finally realized my DSP gave me enough options to fine tune my setup. you can see the equipment i'm running on my sig. give yourself about an hour or so. i started with the front first. turned everything else off. set the frequency on the amp and the gain. from there i went into the EQ band and started tweaking from there. than after i found what i thought was the sweet spot i than went with the rear doors. same thing...made adjustments on the amp and than on the EQ. Than with both front and rears combined i turned it up to make sure there was no distortion and that it was nice and balanced and clean. than finally tuned the sub. same thing, started with setting the amp up gain/frequency. than set the EQ. like i said, took me just over an hour but it sounds really good! :devil: i know the Tech12 boxes are very well built so interested to hear how your setup turns out
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I was looking at focals as well and morels but ended up getting a great deal on the hertz and so far I am very happy with them we will see how the subs perform
i've heard the Hertz in person when i was looking to upgrade the speakers in my BMW. very nice when i demo'd them.
Lets see some pictures!
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