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TAG Bumpers Out of Business?

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Well my 2005 Titan's paint has almost completely blown off now and is starting to rust. Since new trucks are like $50k now which is insane, I've decided to re-paint it and spiff up the exterior with new window trim, bed caps, etc. I was going back and forth between bedlining my front bumper or getting a new aftermarket one. Did a bunch of looking and decided TAG had the best look for what I wanted without costing an arm and a leg. Well tried to go order from them and looks like they have shut down....bummer. They were one of the few aftermarket bumpers that didn't stick out a foot. I didn't really want a winch, just something more beefy. Not a huge fan of the prerunner bumpers except for the ADD but I'm not going to pay 2k for some tubes and wire mesh.
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AG is out of business But a new company bought the design. Graham spray equipment has been in business 30 years building spray trucks. They were located right behind the old TAG building in Douglasville The owner purchased the prints for the bumpers and they started up about a month ago. If you like that same design try contacting Natalie or Josh for a quote. 770 942 1617
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