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TAG Bumpers Out of Business?

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Well my 2005 Titan's paint has almost completely blown off now and is starting to rust. Since new trucks are like $50k now which is insane, I've decided to re-paint it and spiff up the exterior with new window trim, bed caps, etc. I was going back and forth between bedlining my front bumper or getting a new aftermarket one. Did a bunch of looking and decided TAG had the best look for what I wanted without costing an arm and a leg. Well tried to go order from them and looks like they have shut down....bummer. They were one of the few aftermarket bumpers that didn't stick out a foot. I didn't really want a winch, just something more beefy. Not a huge fan of the prerunner bumpers except for the ADD but I'm not going to pay 2k for some tubes and wire mesh.
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I had the same reasons for wanting a bumper from them as you did, Folzie. Hopefully these guys can do a better job of customer service since I really liked the customization aspect of TAG bumpers.
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