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Tail Gate Emblems!!

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can u take off the tail gate hamburger and put a belt buckle with the back ground off with some tabs glued onto the back and the sticky pad stuff? sounds like it would work to me, but i would like to kno if anyone has a better idea..


:gunz: :gunz: :gunz:
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i dunno why it wouldn't work....i like the second one....maybe you could make them and sell them....*hint hint* :thumbsup:
haha no thanks
but i gave out the idea for all of u :)
leadsled has removed his rear badge and replaced his with a custom badge. it should be as simple as peel off taped badge, clean, attach new badge.
dang! thats a sick caddy!
Do it to it man. Use the 3M brand of double sided tape. Here is mine.


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Go get the black automotive adheisive tape from pepboys. It will last through all the washes
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Nice work^^^.
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