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tail light problem

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hey guys I'm having an issue with the driver side tail light

when the lights are on, the driver side only lights up on the bottom half where as the passenger side one lights up entirely (they are LED tails)

The brakes light up on both plus on the 3rd and the LED light bar when the brakes are pressed and the turn signals also work.

I thought maybe the driver side tail light was defective so i tried swapping it with the passenger side light and it did the same thing.

I checked the fuses under the hood in both fuse boxes and the one on the passenger side dash, I didn't find any blown fuses.

Any idea what could be causing this?

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Use a volt meter or test light to see if you are getting current at the connector on the truck.

Were these plug and play lights or did they require some wiring modifications?

A lot of times electrical things like this are due to a bad ground connection.

A test light is easier, but a volt meter will work too. Trace the wiring and test the hot wire at all wiring harnesses you encounter. You can google to find which is the hot wire at a given area and find various wiring diagrams.

Hope this helps you, but my experience with electrical is start at the problem area with a test light and keep following until you find and isolate the problem area.
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