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Tail up or tail down

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Hello fellow titan owners, just returned from a long trip to Las Vegas, and I was very surprised that my CC 4x2 gave me a 17.7 miles per gallon, this is at an average of 80 miles per hour, and I was not trying to save gas, I was just driving normal, but I drove with the tail-gate down.
I know that the air flowing over the truck should cover the hole in the bed and this way it is more efficient, but I don't agree, I acctually feel that driving with the tail down the engine does not suffer as much to cruise at 80 + MPH, odd...

I had a 4 cylinder Hardbody and I really felt a difference with the tail down, but I did not expected my Titan to average 17.7 MPG when I was not trying to save... anyway, what are your coments.... tail up or down.
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My opinion: tail up. An open tail gate becomes your back bumper. Even the smallest bump and you get to replace you tail gate and you've lost all the gas money you've saved.

I'm going to buy a shell (for other reasons) which is suppose to also increase milage.

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