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Tailgate assist on an 04?

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my uncle has an 04 titan, i have an 07. this weekend we were using my truck and he was loving the ease of use of the tailgate. now, you guessed it, he'd like to have the same. can someone point me in the direction of the parts needed? anybody done it to their 04? thanks fellas...
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thanks red. yeah i read through that one. the torsion bar thing seems like it would help, but that isn't how the newer ones operate, correct?
The new ones have a piston behind the right taillight housing. It may not be very easy to retrofit this onto the earlier models. That's why the torsion bar is an option.
ahh... ok. behind the tail light right? know of anyone who's done it? either of them?
I have the torsion bar on my 04. Works great only 2 holes to drill, but you do need 2 people to install it.
TI, thanks for the link. very helpful

Red, so the torsion bar works well huh? any problems with paint rubbing off or anything?
I have the torsion bar, and it works great! I have had no problems with it at all. My wife can even handle the tailgate with one hand now.:clap:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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