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Take off parts from my 2015

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Selling a like new stock exhaust an Bpipes with 1700 kilometres them.

Stock manifolds with 19000 kilometres, taken off 5 days ago

Stock black pro4x floor mats front and back

Stock grill of my pro4x, taken off before leaving the dealership.

Complete stock intake

Pro4x rims off my 2011 with roughly 60000 kilometres

Located in BC Canada.
Make me an offer if interested
Will be picking up a hood in Blaine Washington in the next few weeks if someone is interested in me shipping them from there.
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How much for manifolds? Have the cats on em?

Well they are in good shape an I no longer need them. Make an offer you think is reasonable and yessir they are complete.
They are the stock Bpipes of my 2015 pro4x
Make an offer, I don't need these any more

Will post some pictures of the exhaust an what not today

Will post some pictures of the exhaust an what not today

I lied, got busy so tomorrow it is
How much for the grill ?

Where abouts are you located ? I'll take a couple pictures and post them in the morning. Once again today was a busy one.
Open to reasonable offers, she was taken off before she even left the lot.
Still have everything
Yea I understand that, haven't been able to get around to it.
Everything other then they exhaust was taken off before the truck moved off the lot.
What colour is the grill? Also where in BC are you located?

Ha liked it while trying to quote the post.
Anyhow I'm on Vancouver island an here's a picture. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive tire
from before I had everything taken off.
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1 - 15 of 23 Posts
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