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Talked to Greg - now need Help

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Yesterday I talked to Greg at PRG...

this is what's coming.... :jester:

6" Pro-Comp Kit with Sway-a-way's
CST end links
3" Rear Deaver springs and 1.5 rear block
Bilstein rear shocks
:cheers: :gunz:

Any Katy/Houston area guys avail on 15 or 16 Sep to help bolt this in?? I have a mech ability but light on tools / jackstands etc. I will furnish frosty beverages :cheers: and lunch. This would be a good time to check out the Cherry Bomb single chamber muffler too.

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You might need a lot of Shiner, lol. Vaughn usually does leveling kits which take a few hours, a lift is an all day thing.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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