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Talked to Greg - now need Help

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Yesterday I talked to Greg at PRG...

this is what's coming.... :jester:

6" Pro-Comp Kit with Sway-a-way's
CST end links
3" Rear Deaver springs and 1.5 rear block
Bilstein rear shocks
:cheers: :gunz:

Any Katy/Houston area guys avail on 15 or 16 Sep to help bolt this in?? I have a mech ability but light on tools / jackstands etc. I will furnish frosty beverages :cheers: and lunch. This would be a good time to check out the Cherry Bomb single chamber muffler too.

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VShort and a few others did the lift, audio, lights and maybe more on DITM's (shiftyb's) Titan. They worked from early morning into the wee early hours of the next morning. There are some really good guys in the Houston area that can help out. It's just a matter of whether they have the time to do it.
Fox Delta said:
I really hope that it doesn't take that long - Greg estimated about 5 hours for him to do by himself. But I know it makes a huge difference having a shop with a lift in it too.

I think if a couple of the guys have experience doing this we should be ok - the front is what I've never messed with and need an extra pair of hands for the rear.

It'd be cool to have this done so we can take the Titan to Colorado Springs :cheers:

They also did audio and lights if I remember right. It didn't take them all of that time to do the lift.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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