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Tapping Noise....

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Hope anyone can give me some suggestions. I recently heard a noise coming from the right rear side of the Titan. It is a distinct metal to metal tapping noise that only occurs when moving on slow speeds 5-10 mph. It sounds as if there's a nail on my tire, but the noise is not consistant. As I speed up, the noise is gone. I took it to the dealer and they said they've check "everything" underneath, but found no source of where the noise is coming from. They're fix.....replacing the rear end. I just got my trutrac, I'll wait for the rear end to arrive and install the it.

I 've read other post of the tapping noise coming from the chrome OEM rims, but I have 22's aftermarket.
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I have a similar problem on my 05, more of a clanking noise. any info would be appreciated. spent a week at the dealer with no fix, i even brought to a shop that i used to work at a put it on a lift and found nothing.
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