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TB Bypass???

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Will somebody post up how do the throttle body bypass because, I'm sure its easy but I just want to make extra sure I don't mess it up. Thankx a million!!!
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I need to catch up on the oil bypass. It'll sure cut my cost for Mobil 1. The kit has been here for weeks. :)

Here is one to consider:


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tre5 said:
I havent heard of the oil bypass yet. What is it, what does it do, why should I do it, how do I do it?
Check the link provided for details.

You've been had. :)

The TB Bypass is for real though.
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I have seen it before, don't have a link to prove it though. 5-10 degrees or so, and some get .1 in the 1/4 IIRC. 1,000's do this mod at the track, very common...
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