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Teaser of the "new" Beast

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It was my birthday yesterday...which means my T is almost 5 years old and was in need of a makeover, can't give away all the details yet but here's a nice little teaser to "brighten" up your evening :coolsmile

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Oh boy... Safari rack? Cant wait to see it!
Do I spy LED offroad lights?
Bad a$$ a new Can't wait to see it brotha
New camera or latest version of Photoshop?

I keed I keed! :teethmast

As already mentioned, LED off-road lights w/ some sort of rack. I'm guessing it will hold a spare tire on top as well.
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that's one of those light weight titantium snowboard roof racks!!!
Damn that is looking good. Those light racks on the roofs kill your gas mileage thou lol. Have you tried them yet. I wonder if your gonna get bad glare coming back because of you front window glass.
x2 on leds, and x2 on even worse mileage. But its gonna be sweet.
Happy belated man. Can't wait to see more pics of the T.
sweeeet lights!
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