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have you done any boxes for a gti mkv? i am gonna need one soon. to the rest of the titan owners it a sad day for me.... my 05 is gone :grimrippe i miss it more than any other auto i have ever owned. gotta start school soon and i have a kid on the way so i had to dump the payments. now i have a 07 gti and i will not try to race any titans for sure i will get smoked :flamed: ......

any way james check out this place and use my car for your project to build a box i know there are a few people that want the stealth look but dont want to pay $400 per box and on top of that some kids are paying $600 for shatty installs. might be able to make a few dollars there. hit me up and here is kinda what i am lookin for.

and i still have the vinyl box you built for me and still in perfect shape after a year...

on top of that this forum is so much better than the 1 i visit now. :rockon
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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