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Tech12Volt Dual 12" box / subs / amp

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James built me a really trick box to house two 12" oldschool Kicker Solobaric subs (8ohm S12C models). Box is built exactly to Kicker specs for cuft on sealed enclosure at over 425w per sub. To that end, the amp is a Rockford Fosgate Punch 800a2 which I spec'd specifically because it bridges down to 800x1 @ 4ohm mono at 12v (960x1 @ 4ohm mono at 14.4v). This amp has the chrome end caps, which are a dramatic improvement in aesthetics over the flat black caps. I never got around to installing this setup before selling my Titan...the speakers haven't even been drilled into the box.

The amp I will am having bench tested by a local installer who I trust (also testing several HiFonics and SoundStream amps as well before selling them). I will include the test results with the amp and guarantee the amp, as long as it is professionally installed. Because I've never installed/played the speakers, and they're used, I can't guarantee them. They don't have any signs of abuse or neglect, and the cone moves freely with no indication of voice coil issues. If possible, I will have these tested with the amps tomorrow.

I will get pictures of everything as soon as I can. I've got well over $1000 tied up in this setup, but I know it's just not going to bring that right now. I will entertain offers, but please don't waste your time or insult me with ridiculous lowball offers. I'm not desperate to sell and if this sits in my closet for another year, I'm no worse off. I'd just prefer to get rid of it and to see someone else take advantage of such a nice oldschool setup.
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Where are you located? And how much would you want for just the subs and box? Don't need an amp...
Where are you located? And how much would you want for just the subs and box? Don't need an amp...
I'm just outside Atlanta, GA so shipping may be expensive. I would take $250 + actual shipping for the box and subs. I've got that in just the's been cut and fiberglassed on the bottom to allow for the depth of the sub while keeping the box shallow enough to fit under the rear seat with no mods and still have room for woofer excursion.
Damn man don't think I can swing that... Good luck that's a great deal!
I'm about to PM you. I already have a Tech set up in my truck, but I've been tossin' the idea of 12's around lately
I've had quite a bit of interest in the setup, both complete and separate. I'm waiting to hear back from one more potential buyer for the entire system before I respond to those of you who want me to separate it out. Thanks for the inquiries and I'll let you all know something soon.
Bump...lots of interest, but still available...
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