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technical discussion.. why are the rear diff's failing?

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This is a question for all you smart guys out there. Why are the rear diff's failing. What is it about the design of the Titan's rear diff that is making it failing?

I myself think that it is too little. The Titan makes good power and when I look at all the stuff underneath my truck everything is huge except for the rear diff.... it is puny!

I also am thinking of going to a Detroit Truetrac just so I could avoid my rear diff from failing on me. But will this correct the problem? I don't think it will completely as the Diff will still be the same size.

My Titan has never had problems. When I am cruising offroad in 4x4 mode, I put her in third gear... when I towed a 6000 lb trailer accross the country from NH all the way to Nevada I put her in tow mode and 4th gear and she performed like a champ. Sometimes I forgot I even had a trailer back there.

I have the BT package and 4x4, and from what I have been reading, rear diff problems happen most often with:
1) lifted trucks
2) when 4x4 offroading
3) if you have BT package
4) when you tow a lot.
5) occurs about the 50k mark.

Well I done numbers 1-4 and no problems yet, but as of right now my truck only has $30k miles on her. I am kinda worried about that 50k mark.. but I also love my truck and don't want to get rid of her. I guess I just want some input on what I can do to prevent the rear diff from blowing up.... or if I get the Detroit Truetrac, will eliminate the problem or it is basically just a bandaid.
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270K combine miles on 2 2005 4x4 BT Titans. Both trucks have many many miles towing. They tow bass boat, Loaded down ATV trailer, TT and all sorts of weird loads. They have been all the southeast dragging trailers. I do regular fluid changes and no diff problems.
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