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Temperature sensitive window

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OK, so who else has this issue. I replaced the master control on the driver's side thinking it would fix the issue, but nooooo!

My front passenger window gets hung up at temps below 70-75 degrees. It will start down then stop then won't go back up until the temps warm up. It is driving me insane.

When it does work, it goes up and down fine, no slow speed or dragging or anything, so does anyone have any ideas for this??
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More than likely it's just the metal and platic expanding in the door causing it to squeez the window, if you can aid it down or up by placing the palm of you hand on the window and pushing up or down you could probably feel whether it's the motor or the window seals. My bets are all on the seals. There's no logical reason for the motor or mechanical pieces to stop working due to a drop below 70 degrees. If it does come down to it being the seals, you can either buy new ones or take the old ones off and use an exacto knife to shave a sliver of the plastic/rubber material off, but take it off of the inside panel because you dont want water leaking in from outside, also, on some cars you'll find a small lining of felt like material lining the plastic/rubber to ensure the window doesn't get scratched, if you have to cut that off, run down to a hobby shop and pick up a new strip, and cut plastic back enough to add the new piece in there while still allowing the window to more freely.
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