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Thanks for all of the advice!

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Hey everyone! I wanted to thank everyone for all of the advice so far. I inherited an 06 crew cab LE last year with only 25k miles on it. I broke 30k last week and the only problems so far are the power mirrors don’t work in all directions, dead TPM sensor batteries, and bad paint on the hood and roof (my grandpa never waxed it). It’s a great truck and I’ve already towed a 35’ camper trailer 1000 miles round trip. The only mods I plan on doing in the near future are the PML xmission pan and diff cover.

I’ll continue to troll for help when needed and share any lessons learned.

I look forward to being a member and getting to know some of you.
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Thanks for the welcome messages. Yes, I am an Auburn grad and bleed blue and orange! I’ve recently noticed that the mirrors work when it’s cold which makes me think I might only need to open things up and remove corrosion and/or add conducive grease. Since this truck was my grandpa’s I intend to keep it and add upgrades over time. Things I’m considering are...

PML xmission sump pan and diff cover
Cat back exhaust
‘07+ intake manifold
Leaf spring helpers (currently have timbren bump stops but they are too rough on my girls)
Some sort of ceiling mounted DVD player
Bully dog
Big brakes
New paint job

Essentially, I’m making this truck my forever camper trailer hauler so I want more power and comfort when towing my 35’ camper trailer (only has a 7700lbs max gross weight) but it is also my daily driver for the next 9 years. My first concern is the xmission temp while towing which, thanks to this forum, has led me to the PML items. The truck has plenty of power for this trailer weight (I’ve towed through the hills of NE TN) but more power to hopefully increase gas mileage is my 2nd priority. 3rd priority is traveling comfort for my girls.

Any other gas mileage improvment suggestions are welcomed!

The leather looks brand new so I intend to cover it and preserve it. Does anyone have recommendations for seat covers that fit well?

Also, for those bargain tire folks, I highly recommend the kumho crugen ht51 tires. I believe they have a 60k mile tread life warranty and their tread is almost identical to the michelin ltx. I’ve towed my camper long distances with no problem. This coming summer, I intend to tow my camper on a northern route from Norfolk va to San Diego CA. I’ll let everyone know how the truck/tires/xmsn did on that haul.
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