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Thanks for all of the advice!

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Hey everyone! I wanted to thank everyone for all of the advice so far. I inherited an 06 crew cab LE last year with only 25k miles on it. I broke 30k last week and the only problems so far are the power mirrors don’t work in all directions, dead TPM sensor batteries, and bad paint on the hood and roof (my grandpa never waxed it). It’s a great truck and I’ve already towed a 35’ camper trailer 1000 miles round trip. The only mods I plan on doing in the near future are the PML xmission pan and diff cover.

I’ll continue to troll for help when needed and share any lessons learned.

I look forward to being a member and getting to know some of you.
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Welcome to the forum! And, based on your name, perhaps a War EAGLE is in order, as well!

Sounds like a mirror switch is in your future. A quick check says they're about $30-35, and having changed them on other makes, and easy swap once you get the door panel off.
Sounds like you've got it pretty well covered. My wife and I are Auburn Alumni, and our son will start there next fall. War EAGLE! indeed.
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