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Thanks Kyle...

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As most people know, I have had a lot of problems with my truck for various reasons. The latest was my truck was running very lean. The truck had an A/F ratio of 14.56 @ WOT.

I logged some data from a WOT run and sent it to Kyle and the Big 3. Randy said not to run the truck again otherwise I would be on my third motor. Kyle agreed with Randy, so I kept the rpm below 2k until Stillen could look at the data.

Kyle and Cullen overnighted a new piggyback and harness for the dealership to install. I chose a different dealership to return the Nissan wiring harness back to stock and install the new piggyback.

Dave at LIA Nissan reversed the shameful wiring job done by Harte Nissan, then throughly tested and retested the AF, fuel pressure, timing, etc. Now the truck runs they way it was supposed to run. I don't know how Dave did it but he set the speed limit at 120. I asked him what he did and he just smiled.

I will log some data tomorrow and head back to the dyno in a couple of weeks.

If it were not for Kyle, I would have lost another motor and of course I would have gotten rid of the Titan.
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roy365 said:
i'm confused. Pardon my ignorance in advance, but you seem to be hinting that a dealership could have wired something wrong? What besides the piggyback is needed to be wired? Fuel pump, regulator???? But you dont mention that. And how did a dealer override the PNP Stillen piggyback?Sounds like Stillen is having tuning issues to me. So did you tell the dealer what A/F ratio to run??? If not you have some damn good techs at your dealership.
Harte Nissan did the install of the kit. There is a lot of wiring that must be done with the kit. The quality of the wiring performed by Harte Nissan was substandard to say the least. We weren't able to tell how bad it was until we untangled the spaghetti they left.

The dealership did not override the p-back. I logged some data and sent it to Kyle. He in turn gave the data to his R&D guy and fixed the problem via a new p-back, tune and harness.

The tech and I believe it was actually the hack of a wiring job performed by Harte Nissan that caused the lean condition. The wires seemed not to be making connection all the time. Fuel pressure went from 70 psi @ idle to 40 psi @ WOT.
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