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The desert has mud sometimes

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Went out testing with a friend yesterday and it was a little wet. As usual the Toyos hooked up and got me through some nasty holes with just a 2wd.

The results.

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Are you gonna wait over a year again to wash it? haha
Ill wash the big chunks off but thats about it.
Here a few of a friends race truck. Keep in mind is have no windshield or glass, basically an open ****pit.

And a huck for good measure. And the destroyed front clip after hitting a tree.

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Cool Pics!!! Why don't you just park it in the middle of the road next time??? :sarcasm:

so how big a pain is keeping that lens clean?
Sometimes its tough but no issues yesterday. This was after the Terribles Cup in vegas over the summer

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awesome pictures.
not too bad... i know sand gets everywhere @ the beach, always fun.

how's nikon when you break something.. you know, when it's your fault? i have to send mine in and i'm probably gonna get the "well you dropped it, what are we supposed to do?" from them..
No issues with the body, its sealed so a bit of water or mud is no problem. Only sent one lens in under warranty, it got full of dirt, they fixed it no charge. Lenses are warrantied for 5 years, just keep the receipt.
Nice to see you're putting those CORR Toyo's to good use. Any chunking yet?
Nope, this is my 3rd set of projects and its never been an issue.
kartman said:
Nope, this is my 3rd set of projects and its never been an issue.
Damn! Looks like I have been getting the wrong CORR tires! Next season I'll hit up Rick and see if I can score a set or two. How much did he sell you your truckload of tires for?
The last load did not come from Rick. Cant say what I paid, thats up to the seller's to disclose.
ncie pics kartman...looks like my truck after yesterday, except you have some chunkier stuff stuck on yours.....where'd you guys go?? i just hit a dirtroad with some nice puddles a couple miles from my house....looks like you guys had a good time though....:cheers:
17 and carefree
still under the 1 year.. we'll see how this goes..
kartman said:
17 and carefree

heh, I live right in that area. Where abouts there did you go?
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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