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Here is The FAQ - (please email [email protected] with changes and corrections)


Table Of Contents:
1: Titan/Armada Specifications, Maintenence Information and Option Packages
2: Wheel Nut Torque
3: Radio Information
4: Towing
a. What is the correct way to pull a vehicle that is "stuck" in mud/sand/snow out?​
5: Step Rail Installation
6: What should I check when I take delivery of my new Titan (printable checklist, very useful)?
a: Is there a list that shows where TitanTalk members purchased their Titan? What was the dealer name and the salesperson's name? How was the buying experience?​
7: Are there Hard/Soft Tonneau covers or Toppers available for the Titan?
8: Where can I go to get aftermarket parts for my Titan?
9: Are there TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) out on the Titan?
10: Is there a site where I can clearly and easily view option packages, see photos, look at prices,
11. Is there a tool that will easily remove the oil filter?
12. Is there a device that will allow me to use the AUX jack on my stereo with my MP3/DVD player, so that the sound level is loud enough?
13. Why does Nissan say that the 3.357 final drive ratio is "like a 4.10:1"?

Section 1: Specifications/Maintenence Info/Option Packages

Section 2: What is the correct lug-nut torque?
The correct torque setting for Titan rims is 98 ft/lbs. It is a good idea to check this after driving your new Titan for a few days, as many members have reported significantly under-torqued nuts.

On the flip-side of this issue, NEVER let a mechanic put your aluminum rims on with an impact wrench. Improperly (over) torqued lug-nuts is a leading culprit of warped brake rotors.​
Section 3.1: Does my Titan come pre-wired for XM radio?
Sort Of. If you have the RF system, the receiver unit comes with the correct wiring harness for attaching an XM unit to it. When Nissan says "pre-wired for XM", they mean that the receiver has the N-BUS adapter attached to it, and that SOME units have a "SAT" button to select XM radio when you have it installed. You will need to install the antenna as well, which requires removing the carpeting and other things.​
Section 3.2: XM Install Instructions

Section 4: Towing
What is the correct way to pull a vehicle stuck in mud/snow/sand out?

This thread explains it perfectly. Note the post by Half Shovel (4th or 5th down) cautioning against using chains.

Section 5: Step Rail Installation

Nissan Titan factory step rail installation

So you have bought your brand spanking new Nissan Titan in SE or XE trim and your significant other is a little on the vertically challenged side and would like step rails to get in and out of the truck. Well, you’re in luck!

Nissan makes a good looking set of step rails specifically for the Titan and installation is very simple and takes 20 minutes or less. They retail for $399.99 but can be found at various websites online from $329.99 and up. They are considered oversize for shipping, so take this into account when ordering.

Package Contents:
1 pair of step rails
3 12mm Nuts
3 12mm Bolts

Tools Required:
1 small flathead screwdriver
1 Ratchet
1 12mm Deep well socket
1 Pair Safety Goggles/Glasses (Flecks/dirt will fall into your face)

Tools Optional:
1 Short extension for ratchet (optional)
1 6”-8” box, wood or the like to help you support the rail if your doing it yourself.

1. Park Truck on a level, hard and clean surface.
2. Open package and place rails on each side of the truck (The short portion with no step pad is the front).
3. Line up the front tip of the rail approximately 5 inches behind the Mud flap.
4. At this point, if you look underneath the truck the first things you will notice are some small RUBBER plugs along the outside edge of the lower part of the truck. DO NOT remove these! These are not what you are looking for. Look further under the truck just above where the rail protrusions pointing up are and you will find 3 HARD PLASTIC push in type caps on the angled portion. These are the three caps you will remove with the small flathead screwdriver.
5. Directly above these plastic caps (Yes, crawl a little further under and look up past the lip that is pointing down) you will see 3 Studs coming off the frame.
6. Now that you have visualized the studs and removed the plastic caps you have already come up with the idea of how this works.
7. You are now going to lift the rail (Yes, it is easier with two people but can be done with one and something to help you with supporting the rail) and hook the rail on the studs that are protruding (NOTE: There are 2 holes in the protrusion – Depending on your truck being a King Cab or a Crew Cab is going to determine which hole you use). Use the hole that lines up the angled hole in the protrusion with the holes you removed the Hard Plastic caps from.
8. Once you have the rail hooked onto the studs you then place the three nuts on the studs and tighten them approx 2/3 the way down. This will keep the rail ‘ON’ and allow you to shift it slightly up and down for insertion of the three bolts that go into the angled portion where you removed the Hard Plastic caps.
9. Tighten all three Bolts and Nuts.
10. You have completed one side. This side probably took you about 12-15 minutes on your own. Now that you have scoped out the territory, the other side will literally take you less than 5 minutes.
11. Test both rails by placing your weight on each.
12. You’re Done! Enjoy being able to now reach the whole roof of your truck as you go out now and give it a wash!

NOTE: Pictures to follow.​

Section 6: What should I check when I take delivery of my new Titan?

1. Check to make sure the vehicle is equipped as ordered-make sure the truck has each and every option you are paying for. Demand to see the checklist the dealer is supposed to complete before delivery.
2. If you have the lock box on the driver's side of the bed, check to make sure the door is not creased and you have the lock cover in place.
3. If you have the DVD player, make sure you have the remote.
4. If you have the center console, make them promise to give you the coin tray if missing (they might tell you it doesn't come with one, but some dealers will give it to you or promise to order one for you).
5. If you have the utility bed, make sure you have the cleats.
6. If you have the tow package, make sure you have the wire harness connector (mine was in the glove box.
7. Carefully inspect the truck for scratches & dings all over (including the roof), look for any dings or cracks in the windshield. Check the seats, carpet & headliner for stains & tears. (If you find anything like this later, the dealer will likely say that you caused the damage after delivery).
8. The tire pressure is usually 45 for the delivery trip, should be reduced to proper pressure (on the tire sidewalls). A lot of reports here that the dealer doesn't set the tire pressure properly before delivery.
9. Check for various known potential problems: radio won't hold stereo (even with SSV turned off), splash guards and tail gate plastic mounted with too thin tape (tends to come loose, leaving a gap), bed liner separation, blistering, or peeling. This stuff might crop up later, but if initially present you should call it to the dealer's attention on delivery.
10. I like to make sure the fluid levels are up: oil, brake, trans, radiator. You might ask the dealer to check the torque on the wheel lugs. There are reports here that perhaps the torque was not set correctly and maybe that could warp the brake rotors.
11. Make sure all the paper work is correct in every detail (make sure they have the VIN number correct as that is a pain in the neck to correct later) - make sure the $ are correct (including any taxes they are charging) - Don't get screwed at the last minute on financing, extra charges, extended warranty. I would have all of this figured out in advance with plenty of time for you to check at your leisure so they don't rush you into making a mistake. Make them put down everything in writing that is either missing or needs to be fixed.
12. Make sure you get the manuals & all keys (2 regular + 1 valet)
13. Look under the back end and make sure you have the spare (If this is missing by some chance you will have a hard time proving it later).
14. Make them show you how to work the controls
15. Check around the front anchor screw on the overhead console for cracks in the plastic.
16. If you're getting an LE, adjust the seat, then get out and look under the front seat. Make sure the wiring harness in the center doesn't rub against the tab protruding from the subwoofer.
17. Check that the steering wheel is straight when the wheels are.
18. Check to make sure both tailgate cables are tensioned when the tailgate is open.
19. Ask for screws to mount the license plate in the front holder.
20. If you have tow mirrors, angle the bottom convex mirrors all the way towards the outside before driving off.
21. Make sure you get the right color floor mats.
switch for electric door locks does not "stick" when unlocking
22. check lap/shoulder belt for rear center seat to ensure it pulls out without catching.
23. look for blisters or un-adhered (sp?) spots on spray in bed liner
6a: Is there a list that shows where TitanTalk members purchased their Titan? What was the dealer name and the salesperson's name? How was the buying experience?

Here is a list. Sorry it's formatted so horribly. Right now I'm waiting for access to storage space for stuff like pdfs and photos. Stay tuned

Dealer~Town~State~Salesperson~Experience~Titant Talk Member

Northpoint~Little Rock~AR~Kelly C.~Excellent~Ajfireman
Carlock~Blytheville~AR~Kevin~Excellent~FRD ETR
Jim Click~Tucson~AZ~Thomas I.~Excellent~Chilicat
Avondale~Avondale~AZ~Kevin Mc.~Excellent~Foo
Midway~Phoenix~AZ~Keith L.~Excellent~Paul D
Mossy Nissan~El Cajon~CA~Kevin H.~Excellent~Titan Surveyor
Shingle Springs~Shingle Springs~CA~John~Very Good~kcrisp
Coast~San Luis Obsipo~CA~Dennis T.~Excellent~bigmd10
Douglas of Orange~Orange~CA~Juan~Good~Titan21
Connell~Costa Mesa~CA~BK/Jim C~frustrating~sgregg67
Future~Roseville~CA~Steve T.~Poor~SmokeSE
Mossy Nissan~El Cajon~CA ~Patrick~Excellent~vw3vr6
Tynan Nissan~Aurora~CO~Linda~Very Good~Colorado
Nissan of Natick~Natick~MA~Mike A.~Excellent~WetWaders
Southern states~Raleigh~NC~Curtis~Poor~stevemis
Rothrock~Allentown~PA~Geoff S.~Excellent~chevans
Key~Beaufort~SC~Gary P.~Excellent~hawkeye680
Twin City~Alcoa~TN~Greg~Good~tnbowhunter
Don Davis~Arlington~TX~William~Excellent~Texas Titan
Pete Mankins~Texarkana~TX~John J.~Excellent~Bayou Titan
Grubbs~Bedford~TX~Dave S.~Good~PHOEBISIS
Grubbs~Bedford~TX~Lance C.~Excellent~greasy
Tom Peacock~Houston~TX~Calvin W.~Excellent~Titan Greg
Tom Peacock~Houston~TX~Robert K.~Excellent~michiganmade
Maxwell~Round Rock~TX~Ricky~Excellent~y t-ty t
Morries~Twin Cities~MN~Joe C~Excellent~Half Shovel

7: Are There Hard/Soft Tonneau Covers or Toppers Available for my Titan?
Yes. ARE ( makes the LS-II series Tonneau Cover (paint matched, lockable, under $800), which works with the Utili-Track system, and doesn't seem to infringe upon its functionality very much. Versacover ( should have a non-Utili-Track Tonneau out by May/June, and a Utili-Track compatible out by July.
Truxedo makes a roll-up soft cover that some members have purchased. One place to get them:
More models from other makers will be added as information comes available.​

8: Where can I go to get aftermarket parts for my Titan?
Here are several places to try.

1. A member’s site.
2. sells various parts for Titans. From billet grills to leveling kits to grill guards...
They have a number of accessories available for the Titan at discounted prices, including the XM receiver, bed tent, rubber floor mats, etc.
a good selection of accessories
within the next few months they'll have several products: steel winch front bumper(similar design to xterra), rock sliders, 3" full suspension lift, 2 different style rear bumper, cat back exhaust, etc.
6. Big parts site.
Another parts site.
They sell at wholesale prices.

9: Are there Technical Service Bulletins out on the Titan?

Yes there are. To see them, go to:

10: Is there a site where I can quickly compare options, packages and prices of the Titan with the competition?

11: Is there a tool that will easily remove the oil filter?
Yes. Check this link out. 12 bucks and it's yours.

12. Is there a device that will allow me to use the AUX jack on my stereo with my MP3/DVD player, so that the sound level is loud enough?
Yes, Try

13. Why does Nissan say that the 3.357 final drive ratio is "like a 4.10:1"?

The simple answer is that the axle ratios are exactly what they say they are. The difference is in the tranny gear ratios. Because the Titan uses different tranny ratios their 3.357 ratio for their rearend actually gives the same RPM at any given speed as a 4:10 ratio on the domestics. Hence The Titan's equivelant rear ration of 3.357:1 is the same as competitors 4.10:1

A more detailed explanation:

The axle ratio is the ratio of the numbers of turn the drive shaft turns,to get one turn of the wheels.For example,if there were 10 teeth on the drive shaft,and 40 teeth on the axle gear,then it would be a 4 to 1 or 4.00 axle.
To know The actual total ration of engine turns to rear wheel turns you have to know the gearbox ratios also. 5TH gear in the Titan is .83 to one.It means for .83 turns of the engine,you get one turn of the drive shaft and less than 1/3 turn of the rear wheels with our 2.94 or 3.36 rear end(3.36 teeth on the wheels shaft,to one tooth on the drive shaft-you can't have 3.36 teeth of course-it is probably more like 47/14 or so).
So in 5th gear the engine turns .83 turns-the axle turns 1 turn,and the rear wheels turn 1/3.36 turns or .297 turns.
To figure the speed at a given RPM in a given gear you need to know the tire height-you can measure,or calculate that.It is about 31.4" or 2.61 feet-the circumference is 2.61X3.14=8.21 feet is how far you travel with one turn of the rear wheels.
60 MPH is 1 mile a minute = 60miles/60minutes.To figure your RPMS at 60mph in 5th gear you find out how many wheel turns it takes to go a mile
5280/8.21= wheel turns 643.11 turns per mile.
Multiply 634X 2.94= 1890 drive shaft turns in 5th.Multiply 1890X.83=1569 rpms 5th gear at 60 mph.
Sorry I switched to the 2.94 instead of the 3.36,but I realized that the 17" tire on the XE is 31.4" and only comes with the 2.94 ratio.The 17" tire on the SE,LE Offroad is 32.6" same as the 18" on the SE,LE on Offroad.
You would want a low gear offroad (there is another gear in there to drop the gearing even more-more engine rpms,fewer turns of the drive shaft))because you want to be able to crawl along at idle in a lot of tight places,not go 10-15 mph like most cars will at idle.It also helps in going downhill-the engine turns more and provides engine braking.
For MPG you would want the tallest(smallest rear end number) gear the motor can turn without lugging-(feeling like it is straining,and slowing down).For acceleration you want a low(big number) rear end.
I think Nissan means that the 4th gear in our trucks with the 3.36 is like a 4 speed with the a 4.10 if their 4th gear is an OD gear like .83.His final gearing in 4th would be .83x4.1=3.4 a lot like our 3.36 in 4th-4th gear is 1/1 one turn engine,one turn drive shaft.
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