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The Next Generation | BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM3

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BFGoodrich KM3 Mud-Terrain Tire Testing |

Last December, after accepting the invitation, we found ourselves on a plane to Georgia. Our small group discretely drove through sections of the Durhamtown Off-Road Resort and plowed through plenty of fresh mud (thanks to recent heavy rains) on the current KM2 Mud-Terrain tires and the in-development KM3 (which we now have permission to officially call the KM3). The experience was great, provided us with insight into the tire design and exactly what BFGoodrich engineers are looking to accomplish with the new tire, and it provided BFG with a gauge on their progress from racers and journalists... continue reading

What would you like to see from BFG's next generation mud-terrain?
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Any idea on release date?
There is no official release date that we are aware of, but as noted in the article the KM3 will be available sometime next yeay.
I Just saw this on FB! More information to follow but it's looking like initial release sizes will be available in June!

FB Video Link: BFG Presents KM3

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