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The official Texas nissan truck meet III

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Ok after much planning we are going to have the Texas Meet III. I have got to have the most understanding & resourcefull wife out there.
The dates are starting Friday April 1 thru Sunday April 3 2011.
The meet is going to be at Cedar Ridge park Turkey roost area just outside of Belton, Tx. There are 10 RV camper spots 6 regular back in spots & 2 double back in spots & 20 tent camping spots in this area. The RV camper spots have water & electric. The dump station is not too far away.
We will have our own bath & shower seperated from the rest of the campers along with a 32X50 pavilion that has seating for 40 & has water and elect. We will only be 200 yards from the water.
The RV camper spots are going to be $40.00 for the weekend & the tent campers will be $30.00 for the weekend. You must pay before I will put you on the list. This will be nonrefundable. You can pay thru pay pal. Paypal account is [email protected]. Please put your call name in the notes on pay pal. If you have to back out after paying then you can sell your spot to someone else. Just let me know who you sold it to so I can change the paid sheet. You can get a camping spot outside of the turkey roost area, but still in the same park. If you want to do that then do it soon because spots are disapearing dailey.
We are going to have a desert contest on Saturday night. More points will be awarded for making the desert there at the camp site. ( Please no store bought cookies or cakes). You will be on your own for for all the meals this year. There are 2 charcoal BBQ pits in the turkey roost area. You might want to bring a small pit of your own or plenty of charcoal for the big pits.
Rules are very simple No glass bottles, No open fires except in the fire pit, NO DRUGS, & please clean up behind yourself & kids. Since this is a family event Please watch your language.
Here is a link to the camping area.
Campsite Details -, GCA -
There is also some hotels close by in belton.

Please let me know how many kids & adults will be coming with you & the kids ages. That way we can set up the age appropriate games.
Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Lets make this the biggest meet in the country.
If you want to bring pics from past titan meet so we can put them up on a hugh board for everyone to see all our friends past and present.

There will be games & drawings for prizes. Bring some extra cash for the raffle tickets.

Lets show them that everything is bigger in TX.

This will be the last meet that I put on. Hopefully slwilson will be taking this over. I still want to attend but will not be coordinating it.

All RV spots are spoken for. There are plenty of campsites left out side of the group camping area. I would suggest reserving early before they fill up. The link is above.

1) nascarjody RV spot
2) carbeaux RV spot
3) Idleone
4) R.A.D tent spot
5) RBsTitan tent spot
6) Scrubyboy RV spot
7) mattsmash
8) albonismo tent spot
9) rtc1184 RV spot
10) chopstewie RV spot
11) slwilson RV spot
12) LD5050 RV spothad to back out. another rv spot open. contact LD
13) bonzia RV spot
14) blackwidow RV spot had to back out rv spot for sale contact him
15) BRUTALhad to back out
16) bigbruno tent spot
17) kopperking
18) REVDEUX tent spot
19) thatboijdub tent spot
20) Kiloms tent spot
21) charlo Tent spot
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Count me in. Paypal coming tomorrow. I have your paypal info. :) Probably just me and #1 son again this year.

Thanks, Jody!!!
no prob carbeaux. see you there.
Paypal sent! See all you guys there!
If VIPZach is able to catch a ride down, perhaps with Pops or Gadget, he may be staying in the mobile Casa del Carbeaux as well. Just FYI.
thats cool.
Know what this thread needs? A bump for the night.
Payment sent I will have 4 people with me 2 adults and 2 teenagers
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bump to the top
Bump for the night, and so RTC can find it. ;)
Bump for the night, and so RTC can find it. ;)

LOL thats funny
Another bump Ill be able to come hang out for a few hours seeing as I only live about 10 min from there now. Looking forward to meeting you all.
For a few hours? Saturday goes all day.
come on out for the weekend matt
Hey cant come out for the whole weekend but sun up to sun down I am able to do, along with timing bumps lol also can bring some booze or food of your guys choice no problem. I might have to work that weekend but its on my way to work. want to gwt some knowledge lol .
count me in, ill pay for me, jason, and jeff. it will be for the camper spot
payment sent
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Payment sent Jody and it was for an RV spot, we will have two adulys and one girl (age 7).
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Alright alright alright! Folks starting to chime in now! :)
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