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The parts are ordered

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Earlier today, I ordered my lift, wheels and tires, should have them on by the end of the weekend :D

Got the top end (of their three kits) Fabtech performance 6" lift, 20" black Rockstars and 35" Nitto Terragrapplers...I can't wait, I'll get some pics up after everything is on.
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yamatitan said:
Congrats I just ordered my lift and rims as well. Except I got the procomp 6", with procomp black 8179's 18" rims. I am going to order my tires sometime next month. Either toyo mt 35's or mickey thompson mtz 35's.

Cool man, post some pics when you're done...I was going to get the Toyo's but they're really expensive and my last experience with them (on a car) was terrible tread life. I went with the Nitto's after a lot of recommendations from people.

Black rims are the way to go. :D
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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