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The parts are ordered

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Earlier today, I ordered my lift, wheels and tires, should have them on by the end of the weekend :D

Got the top end (of their three kits) Fabtech performance 6" lift, 20" black Rockstars and 35" Nitto Terragrapplers...I can't wait, I'll get some pics up after everything is on.
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Congrats I just ordered my lift and rims as well. Except I got the procomp 6", with procomp black 8179's 18" rims. I am going to order my tires sometime next month. Either toyo mt 35's or mickey thompson mtz 35's.
Yep Black all the way lol, The expensive part is the reason i went with 18" and not 20" rims lol. i have very good experince with toyo tires, thats why i am leaning towards them. I had a two different sets of toyo at's that i got 100k out of on my f150, rotation every 5k. i have a gift certificate to 4 wheel parts. They want like 1600 for the toyos and only 1200 for the mickey thompson. So i can get the toyos for 1200 elsewhere but if i buy the mickey thompson from 4 wheel parts i can get them for 900 with my gift certificate.

I am going to get some before and after pics pretty soon.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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