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The "RED ALERT LUNCHEON" Saturday Jan 5th, 2007 at Noon

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OK, Let's make that 2008, not 2007...ahem.

This is a repost from the Air and Space Museum thread. I wanted to invite as many as can make it out this Saturday as possible, and not let this opportunity slip by...

"Red Alert Luncheon"​

Red Alert of the C T Site, is in town for the Holidays. He lives in Washington State and is visiting relatives for awhile. He will not be able to stay for the Air & Space Museum Meet, but would like to get together with some other Titan owners while he is here. So let's have a luncheon this weekend at Anita's Mexican Restaurant in Chantilly, right at noon.

Red Alert says "The food is good and the beer is cold." I'll check out the Root Beer as usual. :cheers:

Anita's New Mexico Style Mexican Restaurant FD
13921 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway (RT 50)
Chantilly, VA 20151

Let's Meet and Eat at Noon.

It is located on the Southbound side of Rt 50, 3/10ths of a mile South of Centreville Road. This is just South of Rt 28 Sully Road.

It'll be real easy to find. Consider the lunch opportunity a bonus for the locals to get together for a couple hours! Hope to see several of you guys there.

Come on over and chat for awhile. :)
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Just a little bump because it is such short notice. Come on out tomorrow for lunch with soome of your local and not so local Titan buddies! See you there... Yes, Jan 5th, 2008! :)

Several guys will be there. Come on out!
Great turnout for the Red Alert Luncheon. 5 Titans/6 Guys, lunched and gawked at Titans from Noon until 3:30. Guys from VA, MD, NJ (really) and a recent transplant from FL. Quite a good meet. Good food too!

Afterwards, it was off to the local dealer for 3 of us. Had a decent meeting with the General Sales manager, and a much better meeting with a Salesman. Hopefully, some good sponsorship comes out of this. I think it will.

We also got to see the new Fold Out Step some have mentioned on 2 2008.5 Titans, it folds out from under the left rear corner of the bumber. Appears to be a totally seperate piece. Good looking, appears to be of good quality. Being OEM, I'd expect it would be resonable. Maybe it can be retrofitted to older Titans? List price was only $225. Hmmm....

Well, let's see what the dealer can do to make the Air and Space Museum Meet on Feb 23rd, 2008, a little extra special. I'll give them some ideas!
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