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Things pluckyew would change on Titan (which is already excellent, i repeat an "excelent" beginning):

- manual lever to switch to 4wd-hi and 4wd-lo (more reliable than dial)
- all conditions 4wd hi use [full-time four-wheel-drive systems]
- 375/70/17 BF Good Wench tires on 9.5" rims with full spare.
- available option: front ARB lockers (differential)
- available now! the rear e-locker option
- allowing for choices of final drive axle ratios
- another lock box, on the right (with built in heat shield, form the exhaust)
- auto driver's seats for the SE bench
- less weight. now is 5300#s, but under 5000#s would be nice.
- 360 hp & 385fp instead of 305hp (heard that the same 5.6 engine can produce that much hp, with titanium valves)
- narrower A-pillers. the wide A-pillers blocks forward lateral view.
- 6' bed Crew Cab (so I can sleep in side a CC bed)
- 3" of stowage space behind the rear seat (to stow away a rifle or couple of fishin' rods)
- clear rear window (having an option from sliding glass)
- slide in and out semi-hard (hard plastic) tonneau cover
- steps for SE & XE
- a light under the hood (my old 4x4 720's got one)
- dual exhuasts
- space for a winch on the front bumper
- lockable glove box
- lockable utilty box under a rear seat (enough to fit a "1911" and an extra clip, Tacomas & Sierras have one).

..i'm not asking for much, a widdle bit of refinements :wierd:

in addition (thanks to our members)...
updated 2/13/2004 4:37 PMPST:

- Four wheel steering! (like in "Quadrasteer")
- Turbocharged diesel option
- Power rear sliding window (verticlely sliding) and
- Rear-window defroster
- Mute button on steering wheel and
- MP3 Player (duh! hello it's the 21st Century)
- BOSE sound system, see MAXIMA, but with dual 10" subs & 500watts RMS
- Retracting antenna
- Balanced & lighter tailgate (it almost killed someone's 100 pound wife!)
- Coin tray
- More grocery hooks on the underside of the rear seats
- Limited Slip Differential for 2WD (available without BigTow or OffRoad pkgs)
- this Eject button - ( :huh: )
- Power Bench Seats (that's three butt belts, up front)

- ditch the Speed Limiter!
- Side Airbag Package on the SE and XE trims

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amacd said:
I had to turn down the Titan because of the short bed. I need an 8' bed for a fifth wheel hitch. If Nissan is going to be serious about towing, there are a lot of fifth wheel trailers out there than weigh in at less than 9500 pounds.
some heavy tow truckers install a massive tow "hitch" on the 8' bed (kinda of like a mini 18 or 24 wheeler big rig truck) with a "U" shaped lowered tailgate. 8' bed would leave a bit more space to haul gear then 6.5'

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if the CC bed was 6' long, I would had a CC.

if the CC bed was 6' long, I would had a CC.
solor cell roof top to re-charge batteries
selectable front locking differential
stronger skid plates
real chrome front grill
stronger front bumpers
6.0L diesel hybrid engine
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