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Nissan Torque Demand (NTD) Control System UBS00EMQ
*1: Signal is sent to the ECM through CAN communication line.
NTD control system decides the target traction based on the accelerator operation status and the current driv-ing
condition. It then selects the engine torque target by correcting running resistance and atmospheric pres-sure,
and controlling the power-train. Using electric throttle control actuator, it achieves the engine torque
development target which corresponds linearly to the driver's accelerator operation.
Running resistance correction control compares the engine torque estimate value, measured vehicle acceler-ation,
and running resistance on a flat road, and estimates vehicle weight gain and running resistance varia-tion
caused by slopes to correct the engine torque estimate value.
Atmospheric pressure correction control compares the engine torque estimate value from the airflow rate and
the target engine torque for the target traction, and estimates variation of atmospheric pressure to correct the
target engine torque. This system achieves powerful driving without reducing engine performance in the prac-tical
speed range in mountains and high-altitude areas.
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