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Thinkin of making a purchase

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Hi all, new to TT and I wanted to hear some input before I make my decission. I have found a 05 XE KC 4x2 for sale but it has 78,000miles and the owner is asking $12,500. It has the 6disc cd, sliding rear window, bedliner, and the owner has added a banks exhaust, cold air intake, and 20" boss wheels. Does this sound like a reasonable price, and what do you think the life expectancy will be with this truck. open to any thoughts thanks
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bump still looking for any input
seems to me that you could get a brand new one for probably around 21-22 there are great deals on them right now. but you can't go wrong with a titan
thanks for the response. I'm only 19 and paying my way through college, so I was trying to find a Titan that I could get with a little lower price tag. My budget is limited to around $13,000. The seller just reduced his price to $11,900 so hopefully once the bank gets back to me I'll be holding the keys to my new titan.
Get the 05, get through college and worry about the rest later. save your money for now. stay in your budget... let us know:gunz:
go ahead and get it... if approved through bank
later on perhaps you can get an 2010- 2012 Titan

stay away from speeding tickets
sdiss said:
bump still looking for any input
The most important thing on this truck would probably be checking to see if any of the recalled/commonly warranted parts have been replaced. Other than that it seems like a fair price for a truck of that many miles.
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