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Thinking about new tail lights.

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Right now i have these Chrome LED's ,

I'm starting to get a flicker on the right side when the brakes are applied. Ive had them about 2 years. I'm kinda wanting some black tail lights but I'm starting to not trust LED's cause they are hard to replace if at all. i'd have to bake the tail light to get it apart and even then i don't know if i could fix it.

So i'm thinking about going back to regular lights , so all i would have to do is replace a bulb from autozone.

How do you guys think these would look on my truck? i can get them for $75 shipped on Ebay.

quick photoshop job.

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looks sweet. you have enough black on the truck for it to even out.
Those regular lights look better than the chrome leds. IMHO
look better to me, the black will go good with the headlights
I have those on my black truck and they look kool, especially at night. No problems what-so-ever.
im not a fan of those particular style... theres another style that looks the same, but they dont bulge out like the ones u posted
i like the black on your truck:teethmast
I got them too, no problems, easy install although one side leaked a bit and have a few water spots inside, but the hole closed, but still look good.
I'm diggin' the regular tails also...
thanks everyone, i'm set on getting them now.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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