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Thinking of combining Flowmaster AND Magnaflow...

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Currently have the 18" dual in/single out Magnaflow ( part #12258 ), and it's a little loud around 2500rpm. I have about 10-12" of room after the Magnaflow where I could add something that is 2.5" center in/center out...not much room to work with in front of the muffler since I have dual pipes into the magnaflow. I thought of adding a one-chamber (series 10) Flowmaster after the Magnaflow sort of as a resonator, and I figured it may add a slight rumble to the exhaust note as well. Since the one-chamber is the perfect length, it should be an easy install...but what do you think it would do to the sound?
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Make the loudness even more so and kill your power more. Stick your hand out the window at speed. same thing going on inside a Flowmaster.
I've had flowmasters before, even on the titan...yeah there's a difference, but not that bad...especially it being a little one chamber. Either way, I think I'm going a different route anyway. thanks!
Try putting the bullet after the MF. It's basically a resonator anyway.
Try putting the bullet after the MF. It's basically a resonator anyway.
Not enough room...but part of my new plan involves a bullet...

Gonna flip the muffler to be single in/dual out, put a flowmaster y-collector at the Y with a 3" outlet, run that into a bullet, then into the magnaflow, then duals either dumped or out the back.

This frontier just has hardly any room underneath to do stuff like i did on the titan, so it's almost like a whole new ballgame!
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